Different Plasterboard Options You Can Consider For Your Project

When it comes to interior design or renovation, selecting the best type of plasterboard is crucial. Plasterboard, also known as drywall, is a panel made of gypsum plaster sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper. It is widely used in construction for interior walls, ceilings, and partitions because of its durability, ease of installation, and affordability. However, with so many different types of plasterboard available on the market, choosing the right one for your project can be challenging. Below are some of the plasterboard options you can consider for your project to help you get started.

Standard Plasterboard

Standard plasterboard is the most common plasterboard used in residential and commercial construction. It is made of gypsum plaster and covered with a paper facing. Standard plasterboard comes in different sizes and thicknesses and is suitable for most interior walls and ceilings. It is easy to install, cost-effective, and provides a smooth surface for painting, wallpapering, or tiling.

Thermal Plasterboard

Thermal plasterboard, or insulated plasterboard, is another common choice designed to improve a building’s thermal insulation and is a standard plasterboard with insulation. It is made of gypsum plaster and has a layer of insulation material, such as polystyrene or polyurethane, attached to the back of the board. Thermal plasterboard is ideal for homes and offices in cold or hot climates as it helps reduce energy bills and improve comfort.

Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Moisture-resistant plasterboard, or green or blue board, is designed to resist moisture and dampness. It is ideal for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Moisture-resistant plasterboard has a water-repellent core and a special water-resistant facing that prevents the growth of mould and mildew. It is slightly more expensive than standard plasterboard but is a worthy investment for areas prone to moisture.

Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Fire-resistant plasterboard, also known as fire-rated plasterboard or Type X, is a type of plasterboard that is designed to withstand fire and heat. It is made of gypsum plaster and reinforced with fibreglass, making it less combustible than standard plasterboard. Fire-resistant plasterboard is typically used in commercial buildings and multi-story residences to comply with fire safety regulations.

Soundproof Plasterboard

Soundproof plasterboard, also known as acoustic plasterboard or quiet board, is designed to reduce noise transmission between rooms. It is made of denser and thicker gypsum plaster and has a special soundproofing membrane on one or both sides. Soundproof plasterboard is ideal for homes and offices in noisy areas, such as near airports or highways.

Impact-Resistant Plasterboard

Impact-resistant plasterboard, also known as hard wall plasterboard, is a type of plasterboard designed to resist impact and abuse. It is made of denser and thicker gypsum plaster and reinforced with fibreglass or cellulose fibres. Impact-resistant plasterboard is ideal for areas prone to damage, such as hallways, corridors, and schools. It is more expensive than standard plasterboard but is essential for protecting walls and ceilings from everyday wear and tear.

Take your time looking at the options above and select the one best suited to your project, and it can help ensure your finished room will look fantastic and be fit for purpose.

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