Global Recycling Day! Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Leads Environmentalist Charge

There are companies that espouse green ideals, and then there are companies that live by the standards put in place by their environmentally friendly leaders. Keter Group was founded in 1948 to serve customers throughout Israel, Europe, and North America with resin-based household and garden goods that are sustainable, long-lasting, and, most importantly of all, affordable.

Recently, Keter made headlines when it brought CEO Alejandro Pena on board to assist with spreading its messaging, growing the business, and adhering to the concepts of sustainability along the way.

With March 18th’s Global Recycling Day recently passing by, Keter Group and Alejandro Pena had the opportunity to showcase their sustainability efforts, and they did so in droves.

Let’s explore the green world of Keter, its environmentalist approach, and how outreach programs can engineer broader sustainability efforts.

Global Recycling Day Comes to Gorcy

Global Recycling Day was the perfect opportunity for the workers of Keter to gather at the historic site of the village of Gorcy. With castles and hills as a backdrop, Keter volunteers visited the town to guide students through demonstrations and classes on environmentalism. During this process, Keter’s team discussed how they make and manufacture their products as well as the resin-based material used in the process.

Marketing VP Kerry Murfin stated, “We’ve designed all our products to be 100% recyclable” before adding that their goal is to increase the overall use of recycled content in their products to 55% by 2025. Murfin added to her statement, “The Earth is our home and our workplace.”

Drawings were made by attending students and collected for display at the Keter factory in Niederkorn, Luxembourg, which is roughly half an hour’s drive from the Village of Gorcy. It is at the Luxembourg factory that Keter produces a wide variety of its impressive catalog that includes storage solutions, furniture, and outdoor decor.

Additional Recycling Outreach Efforts

Keter has grown into a sustainable mastermind over its 70+ years of existence through a mixture of foresight and focused intent. The company has helped lead a game-changing approach to supply chain initiatives by designing theirs around reducing waste, limiting fuel costs, and reducing travel along the way. Currently, Keter has a world-class supply chain that incorporates innovative, sustainable solutions.

Alejandro Pena and the team at Keter are continuing to work towards more solutions in the sustainable and green initiative spaces. Engagement and positive feedback from constituents in the areas where Keter operates have only emboldened their efforts, proving that recycling initiatives are essential and on the public’s docket.

Global Recycling Day continues to remind the public at large that their help with reducing waste is of the utmost importance and that ANY action can make a considerable difference.

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